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What are Jumbo tours? They are gatherings of motorcycle riders with sidecars which are aimed at spending an eventful day with handicapped people in the sidecar on an extensive tour through a beautiful scenery. These tours started in Britain about 46 years ago. By now there are numerous Jumbos in Europe.

In 1983 some motorcyclists with sidecars from Eckernförde and the surrounding area decided to organize something similar here. In the meantime this event has found its firm place in the calendar of events of the about 50 riders from Germany and Scandinavia and is one of the highlights of the year for the voyagers of the leisure club of Life Aid Eckernförde.
Initially this event bore the name "Suhrbrook-Jumbo"”, and after some changes became "Ostsee-Jumbo" in 1997.

From 1997 until 2007 the gathering took place in Bornstein, where we had a friendly reception.
When after a while the village square was not big enough for the many participants any more, the venue was moved to the village green in Gammelby near Eckernförde.

The participants already arrive in Gammelby on Friday and pitch their tents on the former sports ground. The scope of vehicles has a wide variety, from vintage bikes to modern motorcycles with sidecars everything is represented. All are united by the pleasure of riding with the third wheel. Among the riders with sidecars are many families. The children also really enjoy these meetings and shed any fear of contact.

On Saturday around 9 o´clock the passengers arrive and a big hullabaloo arises, as many already know each other from previous years. Around 10 o´clock the first group, consisting of 4 to 5 motorcycles with sidecars, starts off to a tour of about 80 km at a leisurely pace with 30 to 40 km/h.

Like every year, there will be an extensive lunch break by the seaside of the Baltics. With coffee and home-made cake everybody gathers new strength. After that riders and passengers as a team have to solve some tasks and easy skill games. When returned to Gammelby, there is an award ceremony, with only winners, of course. After, there will be a barbecue with all the trimmings, with some parents of the handicapped and staff members of the leisure club providing salads and a big pot of potatoes in their jacket.

This for everybody very enjoyable day comes to an end with a cosy get-together around a camp fire.

On Sunday it is time for the return voyage with a big farewell until next year.

The beaming faces of the passengers are reason enough to take part in a Jumbo.